Plant / Historical Information

Over 30 years ago, we diversified from a control manufacturer into rebuilding tire curing presses.

During the rebuild process, we discovered inherent strengths and weaknesses of existing tire curing presses. With this knowledge, and the use of current technologies, we are today striving to build the best new tire curing presses available.

Our future goal has been and will remain to be focused on technological improvements customized to meet the needs and demands of each and every customer at competitive costs.


Corporate Office & Production Facility Bays

Located in Akron, Ohio, the plant is close in proximity to other companies and the University of Akron, which provide much of the world's rubber technology.

Our production facility consists of 240,000 square feet of floor space of which over 100,000 square feet is covered by one of five cranes ranging from 15 to 35 ton capacity and hook clearance of 35 feet.

Sections of the plant have machinery pits which provide for more than 45 feet of clearance under the crane.

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