Press Release

Press release

Strategic alliance between VMI and ROGERS
for sales and manufacturing of hydraulic curing presses

December 2003.

Rogers Industrial Products, Inc. from Akron OH, has licensed to VMI Epe Holland BV the sales and manufacturing rights for the new H200T hydraulic curing presses in Europe, Asia and Australia. This Rogers license for the H200T press enhances the VMI product portfolio with hydraulic tire-curing systems.

Protected by international patents, the revolutionary H200T is a compact dual mold 52” hydraulic press that fits into the footprint of a standard 42” or 46” mechanical press. This Rogers press is already reported to be the most reliable and most productive press in the world. It is floor mounted and has the ability to manufacture higher quality new tires. It features leak-proof hydraulics, fewer parts, no structural welds, and an efficient load-cure-unload design. The benefits include faster cycle times, high precision, little maintenance, higher quality, and unmatched “Return on Investment”.

The new Rogers H200T hydraulic curing press


Rogers Industrial Products, Inc. of Akron Ohio, has been supplying tire presses of the finest quality to the industry since 1989. Rogers is recognized around the world for manufacturing tire curing presses of unmatched performance through the use of advanced technology and specialized engineering.

VMI Epe Holland BV is the innovator for machinery for the rubber and tire industries. VMI’s products include equipment for tire assembly, tire components, tire testing and rubber compound handling. With plants in Western Europe, North America and East Asia, VMI is the leading supplier for these products to manufacturers of radial car and light-truck tires, all-steel truck tires and off-the-road tires.