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Rogers Pressure Switches and Valves

  • Pressure Switches for Internal Pressure, Shaping, Leak Detection, and Safety Functions
  • Pilot Relief Valves for SMO and Bladder Deflate
  • Selector Valves
  • Vacuum Switches
  • Vacuum Ejector for Vacuum Drain Post Cure
  • Sediment Bulbs for Sensing Line Protection
  • Differential Pressure Switches

Upgraded spare parts for Tire Curing Presses

  • Press Motors 254T, 256T and 286T Frame
  • Stainless Steel Center Mechanisms
  • PLC Controlled Center Mechanisms
  • High Performance Platen Insulation
  • Segmented Mold Actuator Cylinders (SMO Cylinders)
  • Replacement Gearsets for Mechanical Gearboxes
    • Single & Double Enveloping
    • Wide Faced Ring Gears
  • Structural and Main Press Assembly Parts
    • Mold Adjusting Screws & Nuts, Crank Gears, Bases, Side-Links, Top Links
  • Lubrication System Parts
  • Commercial Parts
    • Bushings, Bearings, Valves, Gages, Switches
    • Pneumatic and Hydraulic Cylinders
    • Electrical and PLC Components

Upgraded Components/Assemblies for Tire Curing Presses

  • Upgraded Press Gearboxes for Heavy Molds, Longer Life & Faster Cycles
    • Retro-Fit Kits to Replace Outdated or Hard to Find Motors
  • Standard OEM Style Gearbox Replacement
  • High Precision Loaders
  • High Precision Unloaders
  • RTR Press Timer to Replace Old Obsolete Press Timers
  • Control Panels Built to Customer Specification

Press Conversion, Alignment, Gaging, and Calibration Kits

  • Segmented Mold Operator Kit
  • Daylight Opening Kit
  • Dome to Platen Conversion Kit
  • Steam to Nitrogen Cure Conversion
  • Press Platen and Loader Alignment Kit
  • Squeeze Force Calibration Kit
  • Electronic Strain Gages with PLC Integration
  • Standard Mechanical Strain Gages

New Tire Curing Manufacturing Equipment

  • Mechanical and Hydraulic Curing Presses
  • Tire Mold Pre-Heaters
    • Multiple Sizes and Designs for Highly Efficient Mold Pre-Heating
  • Post Cure Inflators (PCI)
    • High Precision
    • Automated 2 and 4 Position Units
    • Stand-Alone Single Position for Larger Tires
    • Universal Design to Fit Behind Existing Presses

Rebuilding and Support Services

  • General Press Consulting/Problem Solving
  • Tire Curing Press Rebuilding/Upgrading
  • Other Equipment Rebuilding
    • Post Cure Inflators (PCI)
    • Loaders
    • Unloaders
  • Gearbox Rebuilding Services
    • Upgraded Parts
    • Highly Trained Staff for Proper Gear Setup
    • Many Parts Stocked for Quick Turnaround
  • Machinery Start-Up and Support

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Our commitment to quality, service, and reliability extends across the globe. No matter where you are located, you can count on our experienced team of professionals to provide the superior support you require.

Why Choose Rogers Industrial Products?

  • Unmatched expertise in the tire-curing press industry
  • A wide selection of proven high-quality spare parts, upgrades, and control components
  • Comprehensive rebuilding services to maximize equipment lifespan
  • Dedicated customer service and support across the globe

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